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We offer customized specialty insurance solutions for homes and businesses in the face of earthquakes,
hurricanes and floods

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We’re committed to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

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As leaders in risk management for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other disasters, we’re taking a fresh perspective on specialty insurance. We leverage proprietary data analytics, advanced technology and exceptional expertise to provide comprehensive protection and tailored pricing for individuals and businesses.

“We provide comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions to underserved individuals and businesses against increasing loss from earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.”

-Mac Armstrong, Palomar CEO

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Specialty Insurance Reimagined

Get to know a different kind of specialty insurer focusing on catastrophe solutions. Driven by a commitment to problem solving, innovation and sustainability, Palomar has turned this insurance market on its head.


California faces an under-insurance crisis. Here’s how to fix it.

California is well-known for earthquakes. From San Francisco in 1906 to Northridge in 1994, the state has experienced its share of large seismic events, several of which have caused massive damage...

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