The Hidden Risk of Inland Flooding

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Featured, Industry Resources

As climate change exacerbates extreme weather, property owners across the country are more vulnerable than ever to disasters and the financial devastation that typically follows.

Hurricanes and coastal flooding typically capture the most attention, but destructive flooding is happening far from coastlines. Rising annual precipitation across the nation has exposed the hidden risk of inland floods.

Inland floods, which can include urban flooding, occur during periods of intense precipitation, when snowpack melts too quickly or when dams or levees fail.

While Americans in some regions are no strangers to floods, other inland property owners might feel a false sense of security if they aren’t living in a floodplain or a designated FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area. However, a recent NC State study shows that from 2006 to 2020, more than two-thirds of flood damage reports came from outside FEMA’s high-risk flood zones.

Inland floods not only put people at risk, but often destroy or damage homes, properties, and belongings. Having insurance can be the difference between recovery and ruin, especially for those who lack sufficient personal savings or fail to meet the federal criteria to access aid or loans.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, one family shared that after a Kentucky flood event, they face paying for home repairs largely on their own. As the family had not purchased flood insurance, their only financial support included a FEMA disaster assistance payment that only covered a fraction of their costs.

Are You Protected?

According to FEMA, 99% of US counties have been impacted by a flooding event, and just one inch of water inside a home could cause $25,000 or more in flood damage.

Everyone is at risk for flooding, yet many remain unprotected.

Despite the prevalent risk of significant economic loss in the face of a flood, misconceptions about the peril result in highly inadequate levels of coverage nationwide.

Palomar Protects

Palomar’s flood insurance offerings are easier to obtain and offer broader coverage than policies backed by the NFIP. Palomar can quote any flood zone and does not require an elevation certificate, waiting period or, in many cases, an up-front payment to secure coverage.

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