7 Essential Resources for Emerging Insurance Leaders

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Featured, News & Commentary

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals underscore Palomar’s commitment to strengthening our organization and the American communities we serve.

In 2022, we launched an initiative to measure and improve the diversity of our suppliers because building a broader pipeline leads to better products and services for our customers.

To advance our 2023 ESG goal of supplier diversity, Palomar joined the Big “I” Diversity Council in January 2023.

The Big “I” Diversity Council is a cooperative industry group comprised of multicultural Big “I” member agents and leading insurance company executives. The Big “I” and its Diversity Council seek to engage and develop a sustainable, diverse independent agency network through various industry programs.

One such program, the Big “I” National Young Agents Program, aims to reach future independent insurance agency leaders. The program provides young agents from across the country with education and networking opportunities to help hone their leadership and sales skills and prepares them to lead the independent agency system into the future.

In partnership with the Big “I” Diversity Council, we have put together a resource list with young, independent agents in mind. Covering topics from workers compensation to commercial automobile insurance, the below list will help emerging insurance leaders understand critical industry concepts and stay on top of dynamic trends.



  • Big “I” Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program
    • “Every good Young Agent I know has a mentor. You can ask them [a mentor] things you can’t ask other people in your agency, and they will share things with you that others won’t” – Brock Elliott, Kansas, National Young Agents Committee Chair
  • Agency Nation Radio and The Insurance Guys Podcasts
    • “One of the best resources we have at our fingers tips is the exchange of knowledge between people that are in the trenches doing the same job we do day in and day out. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned through the podcasts different innovators in our industry have put out. I would rather learn from someone else’s mistakes then learn the hard way!” – Avery Moore, Oklahoma
  • Workers Compensation Coverage Verification
    • “This serves as a valuable resource for several reasons. Primarily, I use it to discover who the insured carries their Workers Compensation coverage with while I am prospecting new clients.  Since you can look at the historical data, it paints a picture of the insured’s longevity with each respective carrier, and quite possibly, each respective agency if you have knowledge of your local competition such as who carries direct contracts with each carrier.  It can be extremely useful to help arm yourself with insurance related background information to making those prospecting calls.” – Daschle Larsen, South Dakota
  • NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance)
    • “The NCCI website can provide you with the Workers Compensation ExDate for prospects.  Once you locate the ExDate for the prospect if previously unknown, it provides a better idea ideal timing to make the prospect call. Are you targeting 120 days for the submission?  Then make the call 150 days out to gauge interest, collect information, and prepare the submission.   Gathering as much information prior to your initial call will only better position yourself for a successful sale!” -Daschle Larsen, South Dakota
  • Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers – Commercial Automobile Insurance Manual
    • “For commercial auto, the ISO class codes can be an invaluable tool. Many insurance companies require this information to properly classify autos on more complex risks, especially those involving heavy and extra heavy equipment.  This is great information to have in your arsenal.” – Toni Jones, Alabama
  • Grammarly
    • “This is an incredible value item! I have it on both my emails and my phone to support with texting. It is free and makes communication that much easier!” – Cassandra Koegel, Massachusetts


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