Occupational Health & Safety Statement


At Palomar, our team members are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to helping them be safe, healthy and productive in their lives and at work. Although Palomar is a specialty insurer and is not engaged in inherently higher occupational health and safety risk industries such as construction, manufacturing or chemicals, we believe that good occupational health and safety is part of being a responsible and sustainable company, which contributes to company performance by reducing injuries and absences due to ill health.

Palomar complies with all state and federal laws, regulations, and standards to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Palomar follows CDC guidelines and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting. We also expect our team members to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid
coming to the office when they are not feeling well. It is imperative that our team members follow these guidelines to avoid spreading infection. In addition, team members are responsible for reporting any hazardous or unhealthy conditions, any unusual, suspicious, or inappropriate conduct on Palomar property such as theft, parking lot vandalism or violent behavior to their leaders or to the People & Talent Department. team members who report any health or safety issues will not experience any form of retaliation for reporting their concerns.

Palomar is committed to:

  • Protecting the health and safety of team members and other persons in Palomar occupied properties and buildings.
  • Ensuring that its activities are conducted in compliance with relevant state and federal health and safety laws, regulations, standards.
  • Making continuous improvements by regularly assessing the health and safety risks arising from business activities.
  • Providing appropriate health and safety training where relevant.

Palomar also expects its suppliers and partners to act in accordance with the relevant health and safety standards and requirements in the jurisdictions in which they operate