Commercial Inland Marine

Inland Marine insurance is a property insurance coverage that addresses exposures that are not necessarily confined to a fixed location. Whether you are in the Construction or Transportation business or are in another industry with moveable property, Palomar’s Inland Marine Division has the product offering and underwriting expertise to handle the insurance needs for your company. Commercial and Residential Builders Risk, Installation Floaters, Contractors Equipment, Motor Truck Cargo and our Specialty Property Floater are some of the products available in the market.

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Builders Risk

Contractors Equipment and All Other

Motor Truck Cargo

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Construction and Floater Products
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Robert Beyerle, Senior Vice President
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Paul Kim, Senior Underwriter
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Clayton Eubank, Underwriter
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Transportation Products
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Cecil Wilson, Vice President
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Drew Archer, Senior Underwriter
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Ben Pitts, Underwriter
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