Bridge 9

Oil & Gas Management

Management focused on:

  • Redevelopment of old fields (new technology/EOR)
  • Mature remerging basins (new technology/new plays)
  • Young/emerging basins (lower risk seismic lead exploration)
  • Underexplored basins (new concepts & technology redefining old plays and identifying new plays)


3D Seismic Significantly De-risks Drilling

Technically managed risks:

  • Detailed reservoir characterization based upon 3D seismic (improved drilling success, increased production)
  • Full field development (proper orientation of horizontal wells, frac monitoring using MicroSeismic)
  • Reduced risk exploration (direct hydrocarbon/reservoir detection using seismic and well data)


Proven Expertise

In-house technical expertise:

  • Geology & Geophysics
  • Engineering
  • Drilling & Completion
  • HSE
  • Project management & Cost control


Drilling & Production 

Modern technology:

  • Automated drilling rigs (reduced costs/HSE)
  • Underbalanced drilling (significantly improved production profile)
  • Pad based horizontal drilling (reduced cost/HSE)
  • Multi-stage fracking (improved recovery, unlock new commercial reserves)
  • Enhanced Recovery (significant additional reserves to be produced)